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Magnet Questioning for Medical Executive Team and MDs

Magnet Appraisers have asked MDs the following questions during site visit meetings and/or unit/area tours:

How does being a Magnet hospital impact patient outcomes and patient satisfaction?

What does it mean to be a Magnet hospital?

Did you know that this hospital is Magnet designated?

How have you been involved in the journey to excellence or Magnet?

Describe nurse-physician relationships and collaboration here.

How is the nursing care?

Can you tell a difference between nursing practice in this hospital and others that are NOT Magnet designated? How so?

What's the image of nursing in this hospital? Community?

How do nurses use you as a resource?

How do you use nurses as a resource?

How do you work together to provide patient care needs?

How do you communicate with the nurses?

In what ways do the nurses here exemplify the following:

Demonstrate high quality care and outcomes?

Focus on always improving and making the care better (QA/ PI)?

Serve as teachers for patients, families and other nurses/ other

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about nursing?

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