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Designing a Culture of Safety - Surgery Department & OR Staff Collaboration

On Wednesday May 1st the Department of Surgery and the OR Staff combined efforts to work on identifying barriers and developing solutions to continue the journey on designing a culture of safety in the O.R. Over 80 staff and physicians were in attendance. Great participation and collaboration on this team effort. An idea board will be available in the O.R. to continue with these efforts. We will post the next steps at a later date.

A big thank you for all of the Surgeons & Anesthesiologists who were able to join this event. Thank you to our Medical Staff Leadership for their support. Dr. Alan Weinberg, Department of Surgery Chair, Dr. Derrick Marinelli, Department of Surgery Vice-Chair, Dr. Timothy Dowining, Anesthesia Clinical Service Chair, Dr. Kyle Wehner, Anesthesia Clinical Service Vice-Chair, Dr. Robert McCoy and Dr. John MacCarthy, Co-Medical Directors Surgical Services and special thanks to Dr. Steward Shanfield, Crew Resource Training Facilator who helped lead this great effort.

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