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Exam Glove Shortage Update

Dear physicians and caregivers,

I want to make you aware of an exam glove shortage that is impacting health care facilities globally, and the steps Providence is taking to ensure our supplies continue to meet demands. (Note: the glove shortage only impacts exam gloves, not surgical gloves.)

As we’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some medical supplies needed for COVID-19 care have struggled to keep pace with growing needs. Currently, we’re seeing exam gloves reach short supply as a result of not enough raw supplies needed to make them. Our Supply Chain leaders in REH have been tracking this issue carefully to anticipate and project our needs, and to procure the necessary amounts of gloves.

In order to meet our demand, we will be receiving gloves from more than one supplier. Some of these glove types may look and feel different to caregivers. All glove types we put into circulation will meet strict safety standards. REH will continue to work with trusted manufacturers to increase our exam glove supply to meet current and future demands, and the needs of caregivers and our patients.

I urge you to conserve the use of exam gloves by not double-gloving and by following standard infection protocols.

We will continue to update you as new information becomes available.

Erik G. Wexler
President, Providence Operations and Strategy - South

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