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Ethical and Religious Directives

Have you ever wondered what the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services is all about? Click on the link below to learn more about The Social Responsibility of Catholic Health Care Services; The Pastoral and Spiritual Responsibility of Catholic Health Care; The Professional-Patient Relationship; Issues in Care for the Beginning of Life; Issues in Care for the Seriously Ill and Dying and Forming New Partnerships with Health Care Organizations and Providers

And don't forget that St. Jude Medical Center has an active Clinical Ethics Assistance Committee. The committee is here to help physicians and staff with the often difficult decisions that come up in caring for patients. Frequent issues you may encounter include informed consent, assessing the capacity of patients to make health care decisions, end of life issues such as providing DNAR orders, nutrition and hydration, and patients or surrogates insisting on futile care.

If you would like an Ethics Consult or just need to talk through a case/issue contact the Clinical Ethics Chairman, David Rhodes, M.D. at 909) 860-1144 or the Director of the Patient Family Experience, Janet Magnani, RN. at ext #3464.

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