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Physician Well-Being Committee Informational Guide

Click the link below to download the document

Physician Well-Being Committee Informational Guide

The Physicians of St. Jude Medical Center have established a Physician Well-Being Committee to help the needs of the medical staff and their families experiencing transient or ongoing personal difficulties. These difficulties can include problems with substance abuse, physical and health concerns, financial difficulties and emotional or interpersonal problems. Family, colleagues, patients and friends can all be impacted by physician struggling with such difficulties.

Our goals are to:

  • Aid Physicians in recognizing and treating health problems that could or do adversely effect their ability to practice medicine.
  • Educate the members of the medical community about issues related to physician health and well being and;
  • Protect patients from potential harm as a result of impairment

Danger Signals that Suggest Impairment:

  • Relationship Disturbances
  • Abusive Situations
  • Mounting Debt
  • Frequently Missed Appointments
  • Declining Performance

The Physician Well-Being is a confidential resource available to you to contact any of the committee members or staff listed on this guide. You are not alone in dealing with life's challenges and there are resources that we can help you access.

Physician Well-Being Committee Members:

  • Norman Myers, M.D., Chair
  • Gary Baffa, Ph.D.
  • Christopher Heh, M.D.
  • Alexandra Duke, M.D.
  • Ana Hernandez-Schneider, M.D.
  • Edward Hutchinson, M.D.
  • Douglas Nitta, M.D.

Medical Staff Services Director:

  • Cindy Radcliffe, CPMSM

Call 714-992-3986 all calls are kept confidential

Please visit our Physician Well-Being Committee Resource link under the Policies/Procedure tab.

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