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Restructuring of St. Jude Sleep Disorders Institute


TO: St. Jude Medical Staff

FROM: Ryan Olsen, VP of Operations

DATE: November 8, 2013

SUBJECT: Re: Restructuring of St. Jude Sleep Disorders Institute

Re: Restructuring of St. Jude Sleep Disorders Institute

Evidenced-based medicine and new health plan requirements are changing the way many sleep disorders are identified and treated, decreasing the number of overnight tests performed in sleep labs and increasing the use of portable home tests. Home sleep testing devices have been validated to be as effective as in-lab sleep studies, and they afford patients the convenience of having the test performed in the comfort of their home.

Effective November 15, 2013, the new St. Jude Sleep Center will relocate and focus on the diagnosis of sleep apnea and other sleep-disordered breathing using portable home testing devices, no longer offering in-lab studies. At our new site, on the first floor of the medical center, we will offer "one-stop shopping" for those with sleep apnea, a condition which accounts for nearly 90 percent of all sleep-related issues. The phone number and referral process will remain the same: (714) 446-7240.

Patients referred to the Sleep Center will receive the equipment and education needed to successfully complete at-home testing. The results will be evaluated by a board-certified sleep medicine specialist, and the diagnosis and conclusions will be sent to the referring physician. If sleep apnea is identified, a completed prescription will be included for the referring physician's approval and signature.

Staffed by a registered polysomnographic technologist, the Sleep Center will provide patients with sleep apnea comprehensive education, mask fittings and assistance when experiencing difficulty adjusting to a CPAP or other treatments. Patients requiring more complex testing and diagnosis will be referred to the St. Joseph Hospital Sleep Disorders Center and the Hoag Sleep Disorders Center. These changes allow us to continue to serve our patients' needs and become more efficient while maintaining our commitment to high quality and service.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Auw, MHA, RRT-NPS, Director of Respiratory Medicine, at (714) 732-1987.

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