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Applause Recipients

APPLAUSE is a recognition program that encourages you to acknowledge coworkers, physicians or volunteers who give above and beyond what is commonly expected in demonstrating our four core values: Dignity, Excellence, Service, Justice.

Below are the recent recipients of an Applause with highlights from a few of the comments:

P.Benson Vassantachart, M.D.

Tuan Trinh, M.D.

Julianne Toohey, M.D.

Paul Padova, M.D.

Pedro Orosco, M.D.

Edmund Nichter, M.D. From a Patient: This Doctor exemplified the best in medical professionalism, courtesy, respect and in my opinion a great deal of medical knowledge. This Doctor also displayed a great amount of patient integrity with patient care as his priority.

Keith Mullins, M.D.

Vivian Lin, M.D.

Louis Lim, M.D. - From a RN: A tremendous help during a very chaotic and emergent surgery. He is a very dedicated Doctor and a key team player. Thank you for helping.

Young Lee, M.D.

Jae Kim, M.D.

Michael Katz, M.D.

Bradley Jackson, M.D.

James Huang, M.D.

David Hicks, M.D.

Donald Henderson, M.D.

Brian Gray, M.D.

Arman Forouzannia, M.D.

Leslie Doi, M.D.

Joseph Dinglasan, M.D.

Lars Anker, M.D.

Many thanks to this group for demonstrating St. Jude's Core Values. In appreciation and to celebrate and recognize this group they will all be invited to attend a Lunch Buffet compliments of the Executive Leadership Team. Notices will be sent on the details of this event.

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